Pet Birds That Children Love

PARAKEETS are a great fun for your children, especially the younger ones. They need activity time to play out of the cages which makes them perfect pet birds for small kids. These colorful birds are small and they do not need a lot of care. They could be even trained to talk. They are wonderful companions and can make good relationships with your young kids. If you want a friend for your children, buy a Parakeet. Why do you think they are called Budgies- they are not expensive, that’s why this is one more reason for you to choose them.They are not very loud, live about 15 years and they do not require special food, just fresh veggies which you can buy from any greengrocer’s.

FINCHES live about 7 or 8 years, they are not very messy birds and they do not require a lot of interaction.With their soft chirps and chatter they give you a lot of fun and enjoyable moments with their soothing «music». They are are beautiful and fascinating to watch. They prefer bird company so if you choose a finch, you’d better buy a pair of finches. Be aware that you should not take out finches from the cage. So you should buy a big cage for them because they like flying around. If your kid dream for physically interaction with a bird, choose another.

CANARIES are also great pets for your children. They are from the finch family and have a wide array of colors. They do not need a bird companion because they are not as sociable as other members of the finch family. They live from 10 to 15 years. Males sing beautifully which is very relaxing for humans. Canaries do not require a lot of attention.They are perfect for a first time owner.

COCKATIELS as they are large birds are perfect for older kids who like interaction with pets. They are interesting because they can be taught to speak, do funny tricks or whistle. They need more time to interact with than other smaller birds and they relish time out of the bird cage.Also they require large room in the cage for exercises so there should be perches and toys in the cage to play with. Most of these birds live approximately 30 years.

DIAMOND DOVES are small birds and they need the company of other doves and require a lot of room. They are easy going and pretty and you don’t have to spend much time with them. There should be some perches in the cage as they prefer roosting or setting on high, flat surfaces.They live from 12 to 15 years.

PEACH-FACED LOVEBIRDS are high only 6 ½ inches and live 20 years. They are able to learn a few tricks.They are very energetic and colorful. They are not that noisy as larger parrots. But also they may become territorial and protective. They require lots of toys, perches and a play gym. You should change water once a day and clean the cage.

SPECTACLED PARROTLETS are small 5 inches birds, very energetic and suitable pets for teenagers. They need lots of space to play with their toys, changing water once a day and cage cleaning. Also they require time for personal interaction and activity. These curious and even feisty little creatures are not cheap and live 20 or more years and need more food that other birds.


At first you have to determine how mature is your child. In general children less than 7-8 years old are not prepared to look after a pet, of course there are some exceptions when some children behave more responsibly than their contemporaries. First see how your child and a bird will feel and interact together, so visit a breeder or a pet store. Notice how long your child’s attention will be kept by the bird and whether he or she reacts badly if being bitten for example. Otherwise the pet bird care will be your responsibility.You have to bE sure that your child is consistent in caring for the birds as they need daily attention and social interaction. Remind your child what his responsibilities will be:cleaning the cage, daily changing water, feeding and so forth. Children usually promise to do it but often forget, so you have to remind them to keep their word unless you or your pet bird will suffer.

What about the noise? Some of the birds like singing and chattering all day. Of course there are some kinds of birds which are quieter but even they tend to be more vocal if they live in homes with children, maybe because they respond to the childrens voices. If the volume is a problem then you have to choose those which are less noisy.

Children often do not realize that birds are fragile and they could easily injure or even kill their pet when they hug it or move carelessly.The risk is bigger if the bird is small. With bigger birds there is another risk – the child could be bitten or frightened by them. Your children have to be aware of this risk and to be very careful not to be harmed to keep the birds far away from their faces.

We hope that all this has helped you to decide whether the pet bird is good for you and your child or to try another pet.

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