Does Your Cat Have Dandruff? Here’s Some Things You Should Know

Have you noticed that your cat seems to be developing a dandruff problem? Believe it or not, cats can be afflicted with dandruff just like people can. It’s kind of funny when you think about it, but most of us would rather avoid having cat flakes getting all over the carpet and furniture, especially when we already have to deal with all the hair they shed.

So why does a cat get dandruff? A common reason for this is if your cat is overweight. With all that extra flab getting in the way, poor Snowflake has a tough time cleaning herself everywhere, so the skin becomes dry and dandruff results. Obviously the best way to fix this problem is to put your cat on a diet. Not only will the dandruff problem resolve, but your cat will be healthier and live a longer life as well.

Of course this weight won’t come off immediately, so in the meantime you will have to take care of the dandruff problem another way. There are pet shampoos specifically targeted toward dandruff, so go ahead and pick up one of these at your local pet shop. You always want to make sure to carefully rinse off the shampoo completely, because if any is left on it could irritate your cat’s skin. Also, make sure you don’t bathe the cat too often because cats skin produces natural oils, and if it’s constantly washed away then it could irritate your cat’s skin and actually contribute to the dandruff problem.

Tea tree oil is another way to help with dandruff. This is beneficial for a variety of skin conditions other than dandruff, and an added benefit is it will get rid of any itchiness your cat might be having.

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